Whatever was I thinking? NaBloPoMo is kicking my ass. Every day, people? I have to think of something every day? Goodness graciousness. This may be beyond my capabilities.

Alright, well yesterday I cooked up a storm. I made split pea soup, beef stew, cookies and French toast casserole for this morning. Sometimes I cook in flurries. I didn't eat any of it while I was cooking, though. Just 'cause I'm quirky.

That's not very interesting, is it? Hmmm...

Oh, here's something! Today I returned some perfume. Clinique Happy. Cause it smelled like shit. Seriously, bad. And the lovely lady behind the counter wanted to argue with me as to the shittiness of the smell. Which I appreciated. Obviously.

"That's what it is supposed to smell like." she said. "Have you smelled it before?"

I grabbed a couple of those little paper tabs, sprayed the sample bottle on to one and said, "Smell this. This is what it is supposed to smell like." Then I grabbed my shitty smelling one and sprayed it on to the other paper tab and said, "Now smell this one. It's not good. It's bad. It shouldn't smell bad. I paid for the good smell. Not the bad one."

"I don't know..." she said.

My look convinced her to give me a fresh bottle. I immediately opened it. She balked.

"You can't open them all!"

I actually had to say the words, "I'm not leaving here with a perfume that smells bad. I'm going to open it and check it before I leave." She was not pleased with me. Apparently I should take my perfume home and smell it there and if it smells bad at that point I should learn to live with smelling like shit. As if I need her perfume for that...

Luckily for her, it smelled good. And I didn't call her the "c" word. Even if I thought about it.

But now I'm not sure if I ever want to wear it again, as it no longer has Happy memories for me. We shall see.


Candy said...

Oddly, I just sprayed on a perfume this morning (I think it was Lancome's Poem or maybe Burberry, but I can never tell them apart) and even though I've always loved this scent, today it smelled like ass.

I guess they do go bad, though I never thought about it before. So when I get home today, I'm 86ing that one.

You're lucky she took it back. It's a conspiracy, that whole make-up counter thing.

TX Poppet said...

French Toast Casserole? What is this French Toast Cassarole of which you speak? This is something that can be made the night before? I must know more!

Gill said...

I want you to come shopping with me in future! I wish I could have been there for the encounter. Too funny!