That's what we've been up to at the Casa Cupcake.

It's a short week which means all of my work needs to get done in less time. Super cool!

Levi is a big reading guy and so he shows off his amazing talent on a nightly basis. Two shows every evening, 6:00 and 7:45. Shower in between. Don't be late. You snooze you loose.

I've been making new recipes. Modified to be healthier (I know - ugh!). But it's good for my whole family. And since I can't live with the crap that passes for "low cal" recipes I'm making my own. I'll post the finalized goodness.

This week was low fat brownies with Scharffenberger dark chocolate. Fudgy and delicious. Also a spinach, mushroom and onion quiche with a little emmentaler. It has barely enough egg beaters to bind all the goodness together. Crazy tasty.

This week will bring smoked turkey and salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, salad and soup.

And as to the loving, I'm going to let you guess...

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