School conferences were today.

The kids are doing GREAT at the new school. Levi's teacher told us that he is a joy to have in class. Totally participates and grasps concepts. She showed us a sample of his writing from October and it's like an alien wrote that stuff because it is so different from the writing he does now.

She did say he is relentless wiggle-worm. And he is. And it made me feel like she really knows him. And she still likes him. So I like her.

Madigan's teacher presented us with her report card (A's and 2 B+'s) and proceeded to tell us how she can bring this B+'s up. If she participates in class discussions a little more and steps up the self guided math program, she could have those B's up to A's in no time.


I'm terribly happy with the report card. This is Madigan's first trimester in a new school, with new ways of doing things, play practices every day and holidays every other week. I'm not going back to her to tell her how she can take those awesome grades and make 'em just a little better.

And I told her teacher that.


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Lucky Madigan - such a smart Mom.

Candy said...

That's an awesome outlook, I think. I have personally never hawked on my kids about an A versus a B. They know I just want them to try their hardest, and THEY know when that B was because they didn't. It's tougher on them sometimes than it is on me.

Gunfighter said...

Ooh, school stories!

Tell me about the new school! What's the concept? I noticed that you said Trimester... and that interests me... we had trimesters when I was in HS, in the late 70's early 80's.

becky said...

Good choice Mom! That is such a good grade!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Awesome job, to both of your kids (whose names I LOVE).

Erica said...

Anon, Candy, Becky and Secret Agent - thanks so much! Kind words are certainly helpful.

Gunfighter - the new school is a super-great, granola, tree-hugging, liberal mountain school. We moved into the district last year but didn't move the kids over until this year. So they are just adjusting to the ways of this school. Twice as big as their former mountain school at 220 kids. The old school was TINY at 90 students.

The trimester is not new, however. The old school did trimesters with "goal-setting" conferences at the beginning of the second trimester and "goal-tracking" conferences in the middle of the third. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a more manageable chunk of time. Who knows?

Anyway, it's all good. We're liking it, no matter what they think about me!