Here are a few things that I love:

I love Sarah Vowell. Every god-damned thing about her up to and including her amazing voice.

I love Christmas music. And I love the cheesy easy-listening station that plays it round the clock from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. Feel free to listen online if you are in need of some insta-spirit!

I love dead people. But you may already know that.

I love Life. And Damian Lewis in particular.

I love my Kiddos.

I love my husband. (You can look but don't touch, ladies. He's taken.)

I love it that Ruben took the kids to the "fireside" Family Reading Night at the kids school tonight - without me! (Is that so wrong?)

That about covers it for today.


Candy said...

It is totally not wrong to love that he took the kids somewhere without you. What sucks is that it sometimes FEELS like it's wrong.

Hope you enjoyed the time alone!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Nothing wrong with all those things!

Hey, you might also love some blog bling. Check out my Award-o-rama post! ;)

Momo Fali said...

I love your blog!

Erica said...

Candy - thanks! I'm glad you understand my stance on sanity time!

SAM - I'll be adding my special award to the site momentarily! Thanks so much! (My first award, you know. I was a virgin until now. I might weep.)

Momo - You're making me blush! (kicks dirt with toe and looks away sheepishly) My heartfelt thanks for your kind words.