I am that mom.

My son, three and a half years younger than his sister, is such a sweet and lovely child. I love him more than life and would do anything for him or his big sister, however I can't seem to get my shit together where his schooling is concerned. I'm one of those bare minimum parents.

Part of his homework is to read and be read to. We do that. But I don't get the books all written on the "Daily Book Log." I didn't get any candy/crap to his classroom before the big Halloween party. I often forget to sign his daily behavior sheet. He can't find his library book and so he can't check out a new one. And I honestly don't know what he did with it. And he is super bummed about it.

This sucks for him. Because he needs parents who don't do a half-ass job of supporting him in his first grade journey. Sadly, that's not what he's got in me.

The first time we did first grade (with the first child - so bright and studious) we were rapt with the excitement of what she was learning - the adventure of reading and writing and her love of learning! This time around it seems so tedious.

And also, reading doesn't come as easily to Levi. Nor does regular homework. He's a bit of a whiner. It takes a lot of work for the whole family just to get the homework and reading done.

He's getting the shaft. And I know it. Ugg.

So - that's where I'm at. I'm wanting to do right by him. Today, after he got his regular homework done I logged a bunch of the books for the "Daily Book Log" and we played sight word memory. Also, I successfully signed the behavior sheet and we are going to cook dinner tonight before we pick Maddy up from play practice.

I'm trying here, folks.


Schmutzie said...

Tag! You're it!

Stacey said...

I sympathize with you. My son is 7; a BIG whiner. i can't stand it. I slap his lips when he gets under my skin about homework. Last wek I came up with a plan... Homework at the Library. No lip slapping and whining there. It worked. Not only did his homework get done in less than 10 minutes, we were both cmpletely not stressed, and we walked out with borrowed movies! ChaChing!

Momo Fali said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Everything is that way with the second child. We don't have as much time or energy as we did with the first. He will still turn out okay.

Karen said...

Or you can fudge it. My daughter (age 13) had to prove that she'd read her book last year. I knew she read her book so I fudged the time stamps and wrote a note to the teacher saying that I wasn't going to keep track of her time. (She received 100% on her test so it stands to reason...) Long story short: She got docked 10% because her Very Bad Mom didn't play by the rules. Guess I never learned my lesson.

Mike said...

I find that my family works better when we have routines.

Son works on homework with me while Mom cooks dinner. I watch baby.

Family Dinner.

Son reads with Mom while I take care of baby.

Mom takes care of baby. Son goes upstairs and reads to himself for a few minutes before bed. I get to relax.

Baby falls asleep. Mom gets to relax.

Start over tomorrow.

Gill said...

Hey, he'll need something to gripe about in later years. Don't beat yourself up .. he'll get his own back when he's a teenager.

Candy said...

De-lurking to leave a comment.

I was much the same with my second, who is now 14. He has had to be just that wee bit more self-sufficient, because I was just too...too...to do for him all the time.

He has been out with a flu-like thing all this week, and yesterday wrote his teacher an email (without my prodding or even mentioning) explaining the situation, and asking if he could turn something in when he got back. I was impressed by his ability to think for himself that I cried.

So don't think you are doing wrong by him. He will probably show you other strengths because of it, some day.

Deb said...

My fourth dog suffers, as well. He pulls so hard on his leash that I can barely stay upright some days. He shreds anything left on the kitchen counters unless it's vaguely edible, then he eats it. The youngest always gets the shaft. I should know, I am a youngest child. I can't wait to shaft my own youngest when we finally get around to having a second one.

I'm sure Levi will survive. If he's really smart, he'll learn to fake his homework and his mother's signature like I did, and he'll go on to a life of great success and financial reward. Like I did. :)