OK. Tomorrow is the day. I'm planning on having a relaxing evening tonight prepping the brussel sprouts and salad that I'm taking to my mother in law's house tomorrow while my husband smokes meat. Maybe even a romantic dinner as my children will be at my folks house overnight. Shut up! It could happen!

Tomorrow we will kick off our day with the traditional Turkey Trot in downtown San Jose. OK, so it is a brand new tradition for us, but perhaps a lasting one. Ruben and Madigan will be running, Levi and I will be walking with my folks and my brother and a big bunch of people from my work. I'm excited to have this fun and healthy social thing to kick off the day. I hope we don't freeze. (the California version of freeze, I mean. Which consists of feeling a bit chilly and having a pink nose and complaining about it endlessly while wearing our Old Navy performance fleece pullovers and stomping our feet.)

This means, however, that I will have to Tivo the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So I'm wondering how it will play on the day after the holiday, without any turkey in the oven or children that I have to rush around. I might even like it better! Yeah!

For my friend Tammy in Arizona:
The Wonder Emporium was delightful! Really sweet and thoughtful. It is the most celebratory movie about death that I have ever seen. Did I mention it was about death? Cause no one else did either so I was more than a little worried when I put it together in the theater, but was so pleasantly surprised. Both my kids left the theater believing that we made a good choice when we decided on this one over Bee Movie. So, there you have it! Go and have fun.

But really, Enchanted opens today. So maybe you should go to that one, and then you could send me a review! Whadda ya think?

By the way, I LOVE this recipe for 18 can stuffing. OK, it's not really a recipe, but a look into the mind of a woman whose writing I dig. And 18 cans of stuff. Which becomes a "Black Hole of moist." Really, check it.


TX Poppet said...

What a great way to spend tomorrow! I hope you DO get your little bit of romance tomight. Thanks for the review of Emporium. I was kinda on the shelf but now we'll go. Wishing you a very happy holiday weekend!

Tammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!Enchanted was very fun. And Megan made it through the whole thing (our initial first movie experience was Ratatouille...and Megs didn't make it through the initial kitchen scene). Having been subjected to more than my fair share of Disney princess movies over the past 6 years...the humor was delightful. And the princess story line definitely 'enchanted' the girls.

Erica said...

I'm glad Enchanted was fun! We'll probably go this weekend. I'm also glad Megs made it through. Did you get the whole "kids pack" snack box? That was probably the only thing that kept Maddy in the seat of her first movie. That and 4 trips to the rest room. Good lord...