So I saw this in twitter tonight.

My first response: What?! What the hell? Do I even know you? Who are you to "request" that I blog? Whateves!

And then I realized - I haven't blogged in a month.


So, a couple of things.

Blogher is coming up. And I'm not going. And I'm butt hurt. Apparently.

Also, work has been very, very, very challenging, but is getting better.

And Summer is in full swing and when I'm not working I am attending beautiful weddings at botanical gardens and perfect beaches, picking tons of berries, making jam and cobbler with said berries, eating 50 or so oysters at a beach party, teaching my kiddos the magic of fresh oysters, attending pool parties and BBQs, porch sitting on sultry nights and traipsing all over my mountain with my big dog.

And all of this has made me forget to write.

So, Lisa B. of hammondrye, thank you for the nudge.

And your photos are beautiful

And I'm coming to your city in 3 weeks. And will think of you when I write about or adventures.