I have been blogging about Levi a lot lately. I haven't been sharing about Madigan so much.

This is not because I've stopped loving her and have decided to express this to her through my lack of blog posts in her name.

For starters - she's not even allowed to read my blog. She's my kid. I cuss and joke and write disparaging things about people that she may know.

Secondly - she is not 6. She is not in that funny, sweet, do goofy things that make me grab for a pen to jot down those sweet words place. She is 10. Her words are not as silly and her life is not as simple. She is changing and growing and becoming a pre-teen.

And I am cautiously watching.

I want to honor her with discretion and respect. So I am being a little more selective in the tales that I tell. (Maybe I should just issue her a Blog code name, so I can detail every awkward and uncomfortable detail of her life in full view of anyone who happens upon this little blog of mine! Or, maybe not.)

So stay tuned and bear with me while I bear with her.

I'll write the funny stuff, though. I promise.

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