Today was a long week.

I am bone tired and my head is hurting.

I have a normal busy life. I am terrifically blessed to have it. I don't want it to change. But I want there to be more rest in here somewhere.

Seriously, my ears ache. My day:

Up at 7:00.

Reading in bed with my daughter until 8:00

Coffee, laundry, cleaning, shower, make-up, get dressed until 9:00

Driving to my folks until 10:00

Shopping with my mother and my daughter for a baby shower gift until 11:30

Photo uploading, lunch and visiting with my brother until 12:45

Baby shower for my cousin's unborn baby boy until 2:30

Reprimanding my parent's neighbor girl for hurting my son, asking her to leave, telling everyone in the family that Levi can't be unsupervised when she is around, loading up the new television into the back of my car, reprimanding my tantrum throwing son who would rather stay at my folks than do anything else in the world because he loves my brother so much and in particular loves to follow him around in his old wheelchair until 3:00

Driving to the kids school until 4:00

Parents meeting and cast list posting until 5:30

Driving home and consoling my daughter about her 2 roles (butterfly and official) until 5:45

Straightening house, making dinner, doing laundry, sending fussy children to their rooms, setting up new TV, removing and storing leaf from dining room table and setting with new plates and place mats, serving dinner to my peeps until 7:30

Sitting my ass and my throbbing headache on the sofa to blog and coming up with NOTHING AT ALL until 10:24.

I know that this is totally normal. I just wanted to share.


firex4icex said...

Your day sounds fun, joyful, hectic, tiring, stressful and similar to mine and a lot of mommies.

Guess that is why we are so great.

Great job - feel better

Zoe said...

Ahhhhh. Life.

Stefani said...

The things that life throws at us! Sounds like a long day!

Erica said...

I feel a lot better today. Even exhaustion and headaches end at some point. Luckily.

Thanks for not ripping on my pity party! Some days I need it. I'll try not to make it a crutch.