Levi: Mom, I can't find my homework!

Me: OK, buddy, we'll find it. Don't worry. Is it still in your backpack?

Levi: No, I took it out and was going to bring it to the table.

Me: OK, so is it on the table?

Levi: No, 'cause when I was walking to the table I was looking down and I found the chocolate covered sunflower seed that I lost yesterday when I was carrying it around between my toes. So I picked it up with my toes again and I was walking around with it and now I can't find my homework!

Seems reasonable.

PS - It was upstairs in my room.


beta mom said...

Found the homework....but did he eat the seed?

What a hilarious conversation!

Erica said...

I honestly have to say that I have no idea if he ate it. I have a sinking feeling that I don't want to know the truth. ;-)

Amber said...

I'm giggling to myself at this one. It's funny what seems 'normal' to kids that's so completely bizzare. I'm here by way of Cre8Buzz fwiw.