In our family there are a hand full of kids CDs that stand the test of time. They are sweet but not silly, they are smart and educational and fun!!

Have a gander!

Will You Be My Friend? by The Roaches.

Who knew you would love songs about laundry, mean kids and new bicycles? This sister group can harmonize with the best. Beautiful and thoughtful.

You Are My Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell
Classics like Little Liza Jane and Down in the Valley. Also sweet songs in English and Spanish and Japanese. But the very best of all is the most lovely version of "Three Little Birds" of Bob Marley fame. Sung by kids. Angelic.

The Anaconda la Bamba! by Lucas Miller

Saving turtles, eagles, cleaning up our waters and fire ants in our pants. Environmental and educational is oh, so catchy!

Laurie Berkner is great (and you may already know her from her features on kid TV).

And the eternal children's classic, Raffi will brighten any day. And he'll teach us a thing or two while he's at it.

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Miguelina. said...


I totally love Raffi, as cheesy and stupid as that makes me sound.