This weekend is the Garlic Festival. My children and I will be joining my brother for a hot day of smelly food and people, like we do every year. (The food there is out of this fucking world. Seriously.)

Last year my family had quite an adventure there.

There will be no kid competitions this year (that I know about) so we should have a pretty normal day.

Then again, I would have thought that last year.

Anyhoo - Happy Sunday.


LA Blogger Gal said...

I am so crazy jealous!! I'm not a crazy garlic fan, but it always seemed like such a fun festival. We drove through Gilroy on our way home from SF once, but didn't have enough (more like ANY) time to visit or drive around. I just wanted a funky souvenir and of course, I pick the one gas station with NOTHING. So bummed!

Mrs. F said...

Dang it! How did I forget about this?????

Sugar said...

Aaarrgghhh... I can't believe I missed this! I should remember as it comes the same weekend as my wedding anniversary every year... darn! Well, hope you had fun for all of us.

Kristen said...

Is there anything better in the world A Garlic festival sounds awesome!