Today's horoscope:

Your work activities get in the way of your real purpose today. It's not that you are a bad employee; it's just that right now your mind is not on pleasing your boss. You are ready for a real vacation or, at least, for a quick getaway to take your mind off the same old mundane tasks that prevent you from living out your fantasies.

I will never doubt this shit again.


Mrs. Flinger said...


You're all like my NEW BFF. But this? This is the clincher (and you thought it was the tequila. Snort.)

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

I am so trying to place yr face- we met! I have yr card! :) xo i am sure i adore you! :) blogher rocked.

Jenny, Crash Test Mommy said...

Erica = Absolute Favorite Person I Met at BlogHer This Year. Thanks for the sip of your Sidecar, sweets.

Stay in touch.

Michele said...

I can't find your picture, but I have your card. We were hanging out with Schmutzie and later went to a bar with Mrs. Flinger right? If that's you... I had a great time!

Sugar said...

Okay, mine said that I tend to over-analyze things. Well, that's MY BLOG JOB! hahaha!

So great meeting you at BlogHer. And glad that I kept bumping in to you. I just had to look for your cool glasses and rockin' skirts!

Sugar said...

and now that I have pulled up Crummy Cupcake, the bots think I want all these ads for Hostess cupcakes and Twinkies. How funny!