I will never be one of those people who slips away quietly in their sleep not to be discovered for 13 years because no one notices that I am gone. I have too many loves. Too many people keeping tabs. Plus, I live with 3 other humans and two dogs who still have a sense of smell, but I digress (as usual).

My last post had my friends in a frenzy. Not exactly up my ass, but openly concerned and texting, calling, emailing, etc... while I was away on my family vacation. And now that I am home there is more of the same.

Thank you. I am loved and I am so lucky and I know it.

I am not slipping away into the ocean of despair never to be seen again. And this really isn't the first time I have felt a great loss. This may well be the first time I've experienced it sometime near the time it occurred, however. And that is new for me.

So I am having sad feelings every day. I am also having feelings of joy and gratitude every day.

I am having some of each.


Lara said...

big hugs, my lovely. :)

Babybloomr said...

Just met you at BlogHer and had an incredible, probably-never-see-each-other-again-so-let's-just-be-real kind of conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for taking me seriously, though I was wearing a McDonald's bag on my head at the time. You are soulful and fabulous, and I feel lucky to have crossed paths with you-- you were the cherry on the top of the BlogHer... cake? (OK, this is where the analogy starts to break down, but you get my drift.)
Blessings on you and yours.

Erica said...

Hi, my Lara-love! Thanks for the hugs and the safe space.

Tori, I so enjoyed meeting you, too. Thank you for your sweet words and your kindness. You are one of my special treats from a weekend of delights. =-)