It is time for the summer TV lineup. When did this start? Summer used to mean boring reruns, perhaps I should go outside and enjoy the longer days and daylight. Not anymore!

Here are a few of the shows that will keep me cooped-up indoors:

State of Mind - Lili Taylor (whom I love) is a psychiatrist working in an office with a number of other therapists. One of them is her husband. Who she just walked in on having sex with their marriage counselor. Lovely. I saw the pilot and i like that it is dark and smart and quirky and not at all sappy. Fridays at 9:00 on Lifetime.

Burn Notice - Where the hell did Michael Westen come from? I just hope he stays a while. This is a sexy "spy gets the boot" story, complete with beautiful ex-girlfriend who could rip your head off with her hands, and alcoholic best friend PI who thinks better when only wearing his chonies. Thursdays at 10:00 on USA

Monk and Psych - returns, but both are great fun. USA is really turning it up these days! Fridays at 9:00 and 10:00, respectively. On USA.

The Closer - Another return, and a great one. Bad lipstick, big purses, funny little cardigan sweaters, voracious appetite; aren't these things you'd expect from a chief of police in Los Angeles? You will now. Mondays at 9:00 on TNT.

Saving Grace - Holly Hunter. Need I say more? Mondays at 10:00 on TNT. After The Closer.

Traveler - Fun conspiracy show. What's not to love. Also, Tyler Fog's dad is the prison warden from Silence of the Lambs. The one Hanibal "has for dinner" after he escapes. Hehe. I can't figure out what night, but I was able to watch the latest episode online. ABC.

I also like Dexter and Weeds. I will always adore CSI, and since I am always out at 9;00 on Thursdays, I catch up when I can. But only the original one. Not the Miami and New York crap.

There is literally nothing I want to see on NBC or FOX, and now that both Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are canceled, I see no use what so ever for the CW or whatever the hell that stupid network is called. My humble opinion here, folks.

Any shows you are watching? Let me know!


Gilroy Real Estate Blog said...

Isn't cable TV great! My absolute favorite show now is The Closer. Besides the gripping story and the great characters there's the "other" story often going on. It comes up with the looks the team gives each other, the moving of something on a desk, or putting some personal item in a specific place. The program is "visually busy" for the whole story, and many things don't get talked about, but if you're watching closely you'll see the other story.

I also like Burn Notice. I like the richness of characters and the stories, but there's a lot of fantasy going on here to set up the elaborate schemes. I'll watch this for a while.

I've stopped watching Monk and Psych, but I have a short attention span so I'm done with things before most people, most of the time.

I tried State of Mind, but I didn't get as much out of it as you did. I'm not watching Saving Grace because I don't want to get hooked to another TV show. I know I'll love Holly Hunter, but I'm going to try to resist this unless the ratings are so good that I get dragged in. The beauty of TNT and other cable networks is that if a new program is wildly successful, or not, the repeat the whole series in marathon form regularly.

I still watch some network TV, none of it being anything that even smells like "reality TV." But the networks are all in reruns so there's nothing going on now. I still like the Law and Order franchise shows, Criminal Minds, and NCIS.I'm mostly done with Medium, but if it's on when I in front of the TV, I'll watch it.

I have a DVR so I record everything that I'm addicted to, and I watch it whenever I'm available. I wouldn't recommend that for you because you'll have everything recorded, then you'll feel obligated to watch it. Without a series being recorded, you either watch it when it's on or miss it.

Good topic, thanks for letting me comment!

Tammy said...

The Closer is my favorite summer show. Quirky, clever, funny…

We’ve been enjoying the Traveler too. And it finally came to me….the one guy is Ryan’s bad brother from The O.C….the one that Marisa shot. Please don’t judge…until it’s last season, the show filled a spot for guilty pleasures still left vacant from when those crazy kids at Beverly Hills High graduated and went on to pursue lucrative careers on Lifetime and Dancing with the Stars. Traveler is on Wednesday’s at 10PST/9CST, I think.

Another fun one is the VH1 World Series of Pop Culture. Second season just started up. There is some gratification in watching the show…for that hour you have an outlet for the useless-facts you’ve been storing away. I leave it feeling quite smug.

Of course Hannah Montana has all new episodes, but you probably meant adult programming, didn’t you. What can I say…this is my life now.

Those are my only “must-sees” for the summer. I’ll return to neglecting my family after the fall programming starts again!

Erica said...

I knew I'd get some feedback when I blogged about the things you really care about!

I love hearing from you both! Thanks for sharig=ng your TV prefs!

Tammy said...

I checked out Burn Notice on your recommendation. This Jeffrey Donovan guy that plays Michael? Wow! Can we write a letter to People magazine for a Beautiful People nomination? Just added "Come Early Morning" to NetFlix. I need to see some more of him..and Burn Notice is programmed on the DVR. Not just for him...the show was entertaining. Love the fast pace and narration. Thanks for the recommendation.

Erica said...

I does what I can...