Oral surgery sucks ASS. That is all there is to it.

But it turns out that my dentist actually knows what he is doing. Cause just a couple short weeks later I don't want to die. Which is nice.

On that fateful day I spent an hour and a half with a pig nose strapped to my face while my doctor and his short tempered nurse took a jackhammer to my head. He tried to take my pig nose at one point. Razor sharp nails in flesh changed his tune pretty quickly, I must say. We agreed that I should be breathing gaseous happiness for every second of our special time together. Great minds thinking alike and all.

So I will have 3 more grafts over the next few years. You might read my grumbling complaints. Please forgive me in advance. We heavy handed brushers who cause our gums to recede are people, too. We deserve the same irritated though thinly veiled respect for self-indulgent and rambling posts as the rest of those so-called "normal" people.

Thank you.

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