I'm feeling torn.

On the one hand I want to be catty and bitchy about the San Jose Grand Pricks that are shutting down all of downtown so they can publicly measure their - well, you know. I work downtown. Getting there blows right now. I hate the whole car racing thing. I hate it more when it affects my access to my work and my commute for over a week. I just want to... complain! A LOT!

But I'm feeling really heavy with all of the tragic reportings lately. Holy crap. It really is my practice to find the bright side. To get to a solution before my friends kick my complaining ass to the curb. You know my motto: "Two arms? Two Legs? Then shut the hell up! No complaining for you!" But this week there is a lot of sadness and struggle in my line of sight and I am feeling dark and down.

I get the fragility of life. We only get to live this one life this one time. It is just so precious and quick and sweet. I feel guilty when I piss the day away. But that's where I am today. I'm moping. I'm also home with a recovering husband. And I'm a little tired. And I am a mopey, sad lady.

I'll feel better soon. Back to my normal self. That being said - please, if you can read these words, slow down. Drive safely. Remember what you are doing and where you are. Right now. Be where you are. Be in your body and in your mind. Where you were earlier today or last month, that moment is gone. Nothing you can do about it now. Where you are going will come even if you don't worry. So don't. Be thoughtful. Be safe. Be safe because it matters to so many people. It matters to me.

I'll thank you in advance. Thanks.

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