I turned 36. I am in my late 30s. This life goes by really fast. Which makes me remember that I'm going to die. Someday. I am a bit of a worrier. Often about things that are not really valid concerns. Apparently, it is just my way.

The truth of the matter is I love my birthday. I love taking time to really consider what I like. What I really want to spend my time doing. Telling my family, with my choices, that they are the things I love the most. That what I want are the homemade cards, the photos, the time spent together. I want to snuggle on the sofas watching Tim Burton movies after Boston Cream Pie. Cause soon enough my kids will be grown. They will be busy with their lives apart from me. They will be choosing careers and partners and places to live. I'll be thrilled to pieces for all of that (as I assume it will fall on the heels of the teen years) but until that day comes I want to be here. To be with my children. To hug them and love them in a way that is only possible while they are small.

It goes by so fast. On this day I want nothing more than to be living this day.

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