OK, there is no actual money being exchanged. And while we are on the subject, my mouth isn't really involved either (except to quietly repeat a sentence I just wrote back to myself to see if it sounds stupid, or sexist, or too smart, or whatever).

So I've been a shameless blog lurker for a number of months. OK, maybe years. Bordering on stalking. I feel like these gals are my friends. Sometimes I find out that a group of them will be gathering in a nearby city and I contemplate showing up at the restaurant or bar where they have chosen to hang out. They see me, and I see them, and we all decide to be best friends. They are all already great friends, which is why they have traveled hundreds (if not thousands) of miles to spend a relaxing weekend together. Without me. Not that they know me. My point is, this blogging thing is a big brave step for me. I'm here to speak my mind. Here goes:

Actually I'm going to have to start my mind-speaking later. I'm watching Last Comic Standing.

Today I am a blogger.

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