It has lights on it.

And all is right with my world again.

I don't know why a cut tree inside my house makes my heart soar. Cause, really, Christmas is just another day. Just another day with an ungodly amount of expectation. And greed. And disappointment. And tragedy.

And when I take a moment to let it sink in I just want to weep.

Which must be why there is so much momentum. And buying. And eating. And laughing. If I am doing all of these things I can't be devastated.

And so today I will be deluded. And will sweetly drift off to sleep with visions of sugarplums and happy children and perfect trees with perfect presents below.

And I will weep when we take the tree down.

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chicken said...

I understand this completely. Or maybe I don't...

I don't weep when we take the tree down. I am usually in the middle of a "post christmas, house is a mess, needles all over the floor" panic attack...and the damn thing can't get out of the livingroom fast enough!