I just read this really great article. Lots of food bloggers and chefs respond to the question, "What would your Last Supper be?"

Ignoring the obvious issue of despair at leaving my friends and family - for me it would depend entirely on the season. If it were a beautiful and mild summer day like today I would want a Chesapeake Bay crab feed, with newspaper covered tables, nut crackers and picks and mallets everywhere, sweet corn on the cob dripping with salty butter, mountains of crabs coated with the thick paste of Old Bay seasoning and beer steam, garlic bread and salad with chunky blue cheese dressing (my aunt Rosemary's recipe) in big bowls and pitchers of lemonade and iced tea around a huge table with dozens of my beloved clan around me, talking and laughing and hammering and splashing crab juice all across cheap plastic bibs. For dessert fresh tree ripe summer peach pie with hand churned homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Perfection.

Winter, however, would be a whole different story...

And now I ask you. What would you want for a Last Meal?

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