Things that I don't love about living in the mountains:

1. Driving forever and a day every time we need to do so many things.

2. Being home alone at night because we are so far away from emergency response and what if something happened? How long would it take the police or ambulance to get to us?



That's about it.

Things I love about living in the mountains:

1. Trees the size of small countries just outside my windows.

2. The big and small birds that live in those trees. And the animals that call my yard their home.

3. The air and the space and the privacy.

4. Meals on the deck outside feeling like we are sitting on top of the big beautiful world.

5. The neighbor who walked up to me at the mailbox to give me something. Fresh eggs. From her chickens.

The list is much longer than this, but today I am feeling so touched about the beautiful, soft brown, fresh eggs.

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