Levi and his pals got together yesterday to decorate gingerbread houses at his friend Ethan's house after rugby practice. When I went to pick him up Jennifer (Ethan's mom) told me about the festivities.

"All the boys but Levi chose zombie themed decoration for their gingerbread houses."

On the way home, sweetly decorated gingerbread house in hand I asked Levi, "How come you didn't want to decorate yours with zombies like the other boys?"

"I didn't think it was very Christmasy." he said.

Not Christmasy? No zombies?

And in that very moment it occurred to me that I had never pointed out to Levi that Jesus Christ was, in fact, the ORIGINAL ZOMBIE. (Three days later. He is risen. Keep up.)

I am officially failing parenting.

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Clair said...

Awesome. Welcome back, I miss you on the internet!