I take my silly little privileged life for granted every day. I bemoan the most trivial and ridiculous of issues while indulging my laziness and apathy. Just yesterday I was standing in my big, beautiful kitchen, bitching about how quickly my organic half and half soured (for my expensive french pressed coffee) and how those jerks at Trader Joe's will get an ear full next time I'm in there. Which will be tomorrow. Because I go there three times a week. Because I enjoy freshness.

I am an American through and through.

And while this may be true, I am also a loudmouthed, obnoxious, entitled, freedom vigilante. I will defend and protect my daughter's right to be in charge of her body. And my friends' rights to love who they want and marry if they so choose. And will proudly vote for a man who is allowing me a new sense of pride for this country that I take for granted and have been disillusioned by for far too long.

This is my birthright.

Happy day.


provocateurx said...

I voted too! And I'm glad Adam did also coz last election he was totally not into that.

Annagrace said...

This made me think...I have recently had some Trader Joe's stuff go bad way too early and if the TJ's organic half and half that's in my fridge just this minute, for my french press coffee of the morrow, even THINKS about going bad, especially with as bloody TIRED as I am right now...

Hooray for hope :)