Levi just started second grade.

Which caused me to recall Madigan's second grade class's winter performance.

Between the third grade offering of a short (undetermined-holiday-themed) play, and a variety of festive songs (not specific to one holiday or religion) offered up by the first grade, Mrs. William's second graders performed:

A Music and Movement Interpretation of Piet Mondrian's Neoplasticism.

Complete with all-black beat nick outfits and brightly colored pool noodles.

The music was an energetic interpretation on Orff instruments; glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones. Of course.

Remember those simpler times?


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Sugar said...

OMG, that is pretty funny. My older kids' school always did this Rockin' Roll Santa play complete with Poodle Skirts and Greasers. I never really got the story. I just knew that if my daughters got to wear the poodle skirts, that was a very good thing. How they ever got all of us crazy parents to sit in that cramped room for an hour is still the biggest miracle of the season... well, except for the one way back anyway...