Timeline of me:

at 24 - met Ruben

at 25 - moved in together, got a dog and got pregnant (not in that order)

at 26 - my heart broke and my daughter was born

at 27 - married that man of mine

at 28 - moved my little family to the mountains

at 29 - got pregnant again (took a while this time)

at 30 - had the boy and started my "stay at home" career

at 31 - regretted all of my previous judgments about stay at home mothers

at 32 - my little girl went to kindergarten

at 33 - Levi started pre-school and I got a part time job at a beautiful but horrible bakery

At 34 - went back to work full time

At 35 - we moved to a different home in the mountains and Levi started kindergarten

At 36 - new school for the kiddos and I surprised my family on Christmas morning with a trip to Disneyland - our first

At 37 - 2 new jobs in one year - this year, she is a hard one

Not what I would have supposed. Almost nothing that I would change.

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