Mom, have you ever heard of the word exaggerating?

Yes, son. I have

Am I using it right now?

Um, no. Not that I can tell.

Didn't I just say that Mac (our dog) is bigger than this house?

Why, yes. You did.

Well, there it is.

Moments later...

Mom, what is "flu."

Flu is short for the word influenza. The influenza virus is like a germ that makes people sick. When we suddenly get really sick we say we have the flu because it is a shortened version of the word influenza. Like a nic-name.

Oh. I thought it was like"to fly."

OK. Well, yes. There's that too.


Megan said...

Very funny!

Erica said...

Thanks, Megan!

Angie said...

hehe~thanks for giving us the reason to smile!

Anisha said...

So funny! My friend's son does the same kind of thing to me, and I always wonder if he actually spends his time looking for ways to trip people up, or if it's just a natural gift.