Boy child started little league. For the first time. We are quite proud.

Girl child continues in her dance career and has recently started Girls on the Run for the third year.

And double report card awesomeness for this most recent trimester. Sweet.

Husband just got a new big manly truck. He's proud as a peacock.

When all is good with my peeps I find that I have more room in my life for things to be good for me. I have yet to manage the "I'm OK even if my family is is in turmoil" zen-masterness thing.

So, that being said, I had the most wonderful day today. I'm still in my jammies, I read and did crossword puzzles and planned for my future and cooked.

I will say that there is change in the air for my life. And that has brought with it some anxiety. But today, this precious day, has been lovely. And in the midst of imagining parts of my life differently, I found I could be peaceful.

And thankful.


Tammy said...

Hey there. Our mutual friend has filled me in a little bit on the 'change in the air'. I'm a big believer in fate. And even though in the middle of it things are overwhelming and often difficult...more often then not in six months you can look back at the turmoil and appreciate them for the good that came from them. I'll keep you in my thoughts and wish you peace.

Tammy said...

Oh and another thing...Megs just pointed to your "Talkin' About My Boobies" picture and declared, "Look Mama! That's you!". Ah yes my sweet second child...if only you'd left my boobies as perky as that!

Erica said...

Thank you for your sweet words! Also, I think your boobs are fabulous. Clearly, Meg does too!

kathleen said...

Girls on the Run! I'm doing that race in May at Vasona... maybe I will see you!
(this is Kathy by the way)